• Where is my order confirmation?

    You should receive an order confirmation soon after you place your order.  If you don’t see this, we recommend checking your spam and junk folders.  Add us to your contacts, to ensure receiving all updates to your order. 

    If you’re not seeing an email from us, email us at help@holsemcoffee.com with your name and order number, and we will get back to you within 24 hours. 

  • How do I track my order?

    Once order has shipped, you will receive a shipping notification email. We will send you a link to be able to track your order.

  • What is your return policy?

    If you would like to return all or part of your order, please email us at help@holsem within 30 days of purchase with you name, order number and the items you want to return.  We will send you a prepaid shipping label to send back to us.  Once received, we will process a refund minus a $10 flat fee for the cost of the shipping label. 

  • How do I cancel my order?

    We can cancel an order if it hasn’t been shipped yet.  Shoot us an email at help@holsemcoffee.com with your name and order number and we will get back to you within 24 hours.


Coffee Products

  • Where do you roast your coffee?

    We roast at our flagship facility in San Diego, CA.

  • What is the best way to store my coffee?

    Once opened, a bag of coffee is good for about 30 days.  It’s best to transfer coffee to an airtight container like a vacuum coffee canister to preserve freshness and flavor.  If left in the bag, simply fold it over and clamp tightly shut with the twist tie.  Store coffee on the counter in a cool, dark area, preferably away from a window where it can be exposed to sun. Do not store in the fridge or freezer, as food can impart flavors into the coffee and introduce moisture to the beans.

  • How do I choose which coffee to buy?

    We roast each of our coffees to highlight their natural flavors, ranging from light to dark roasts.  Each coffee has descriptions associated like flavor notes, roast level, and suggested brewing method.  For example, if you are brewing espresso, you could try our Coffee House Blend, which is roasted dark, has smooth body and chocolatey flavors.

  • What’s the difference between a blend and a single origin?

    Blends are coffees from different countries that are combined to produce unique flavors.  Single origin coffees are sourced from a specific region, but can be from different estates, farms or communities. They typically have a distinct flavor profile, with characteristics that are akin to the region.

Latte Products